07 Apr

Avast is rather a many antivirus option, and it indeed provides reliable protection to get a free antivirus (using a paid version available). But, there are lots of distinct issues that have encompassed Avast since day one. Among the most frequent problems is Avast not opening on Windows whatsoever, with no error message.

There have been many distinct methods people used to eliminate the issue, and we'll attempt to present those that have been the most helpful in this report. Follow the directions carefully and great luck in solving the problem!

How To Repair Avast Not Working on Windows It's a widespread situation that certain VPN places are overloaded or not functioning since you are inclined to pick the same place if you use AVG SecureLine.

This alternative would be to change the place of Avast VPN, and these are the steps:

Measure 2: Click the Change Location button and pick another place which was not chosen before. Then restart your PC.

Today it's possible to see whether it fixes the Avast VPN, not the working dilemma. Otherwise, you can try another solution.

Option 2: Check Web Connection

One of the factors behind Avast VPN not working is your Web isn't functioning correctly. Sometimes, SecureLine VPN customers aren't permitted to run onto the community from the ISP itself. Additionally, you also need to check if all of the proxy servers shouldn't be active.

You might also try restarting the router. You should wait approximately 1 minute once you plug the router's primary power cable and you can plug it all back. In this manner, all of the temporary settings will be eliminated, and everything is going to be reinitialized.

Now join your personal computer to the World Wide Web again and check when the Avast VPN issues still exist.

Option 3: Assess Subscription

You have to maintain a subscription from your accounts to utilize this program because this program has empowered subscriptions. For this reason, you need to visit the official Avast accounts to find out whether you've enabled subscriptions. 

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